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Business improvement delivery

With a focus on benefit realisation, FieldForce4 delivers a field service improvement program using our FASTFORWARD business improvement framework.  We put the benefits at the core of your business improvement plan. It is a simple to follow, holistic business approach, where FieldForce4 partners with our client and simultaneously implements improvement programmes addressing the four pillars of productivity: people, process, data and systems. 

90% of business improvement projects don't deliver their results. We have found that our expanded look across the four key areas of the business is essential to ensuring success. 

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People and Culture

  • Front line leadership and capability

  • Staff engagement

  • Management operating system

  • Continuous Improvement

Process and Organisation

  • Organisation design

  • Role refresh

  • Way of working - align processes with technology

  • Optimise work delivery practice

Data and Measurement

  • Baseline current productivity

  • Output based measurement

  • Data setup and system integration

  • Data Warehouse to support performance measurement

Systems and Technology

  • Program management and 12 month planning

  • Workforce mobility

  • Field Workforce management with dynamic scheduling

  • Performance dashboards

The four programme streams are underpinned by our robust programme management and change management methodologies. We operate under a fixed cost model with measurable outcomes to ensure your project delivers your outcomes to budget. 

Standard Business Project

Most companies we have worked with have looked at business improvement plans themselves, whether it is improving their technology, rolling out a mobile solution or improving their processes. 

They start with a plan to improve an area of the business with the hope that productivity gains will be realised at the end. Unfortunately these projects don’t have a clear focus on the benefits and how they can be realised, and therefore, rarely produce the expected results.

Business plan formed and implemented

Benefits lost along the way

Improvement not sustained


FieldForce4 Fix Project

FieldForce4 flip their approach to projects. We always start with a firm understanding of the benefits, and everything we do stems from achieving them.

With a core focus on the benefits, we ensure our projects deliver, and this gives us the confidence to guarantee our results.

Benefits defined and documented


Business plan designed from benefits


The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates

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