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Program and design benefits

After completing a best practice review, it's time to work out how to integrate the proposed changes into the business. FieldForce4 FOCUS is our complete design process aimed at refining costs and benefits and the creation of a program blueprint. We produce a benefit realisation plan and resource plan supporting the production of a business case, and to set the scope for the improvement programme.

FieldForce4 FOCUS provides the detailed roadmap for your project. FOCUS is a high level design that sets the boundaries for the scope of the project and defines the actions to follow in order to realise the benefits. 

Program scope

Finalising the improvements that will be implemented

Resource plan

Identify the internal and external effort required  ​


Sequencing of supporting initiatives

Benefit plan

A benefits roadmap for the project

Benefit realisation is the most challenging part of an optimisation project. Our focus is firmly on the benefits uncovered through our best practice review. We have extensive experience in ensuring the scope and outcomes of the project are understood and the path is clear to achieve your goals. 

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