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Working with road maintenance companies, one of the keys to productivity is around planning and everything starting on time. We have a strong focus on 'Day Shrinkage' which involves getting everyone out of the depot on time, and having their day made up of enough work that they don't return early. We also look at the issues of coordinating jobs with traffic management and road closures, ensuring everything happens on time. 
Many of the companies we work with have tried various improvement strategies over the years along this line, but have been unable to make the changes stick. Our proven methodology gives continuous results, with a focus on sustainable improvement.
Case study

We reviewed a roading company with 120 field staff and 120 sub contractors. They ran a $60M annual road maintenance contract and with that we identified $8M in potential annual savings. 

Of those savings, $4M was challenging to achieve and $4M was low-hanging fruit that could be easily implemented over the following year. Our review for the organisation cost $43k and within 12 months they had saved $4M per annum and were looking at the more challenging savings for their next steps. 

Our customers

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