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Local Government

Working with local government and councils, on average, we have found that there is a 20% productivity shortfall as far as internal workforce is concerned. Through improving measurement and management and real-time visibility of what is happening in the field we overcome that shortfall. Our projects deliver 4-6% savings as a percentage of annual rates. 
One of our key methods is to put the customer at the centre of the local government's asset management and maintenance plans. Part of our process is to deliver a customer-centric maintenance program (as opposed to engineering an asset-centric plan). This delivers a more efficient asset management strategy with annual savings, and improves customer satisfaction scores while reducing customer complaints. 
Case study

We worked with a local government office who were getting very low satisfaction scores from their customers. By reviewing their business we uncovered several levels of disconnect. Citizens were unhappy about the state of asset maintenance around the city and were lodging complaints. The executives dealing with the complaints weren't happy with their maintenance staff, but the group managing the assets were doing so on a purely engineering basis that was very economically focused. The maintenance delivery crews felt they were doing their best but had poor instructions and were not well organised. 

FieldForce4 implemented a customer-focused maintenance plan and improved operational documentation through the whole group. We were able to refocus the council to deliver a high level of customer service while shrinking their asset maintenance costs.  We improved the operational efficiency and alignment of field maintenance crews and delivered savings equal to 5% of the annual rates bill.

Our customers

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