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Why choose FieldForce4

01. Expertise

FieldForce4 are the experts in frontline staff productivity improvement and contract optimisation. We are a very focused company that has been working solely in this area for a number of years. This is what we do and we are very good at it. 

02. Our people

Our consultants are industry experts. The majority of our staff come directly from the industries we work with. They bring expertise in operational processes, way of working and business change management. Our people know the industry inside and out, so we can hit the ground running on our projects. 

03. Proven results

We work with a large range of companies across our core industries of power, water, local government, infrastructure and gas. Our customers achieve their productivity goals and can be referenced. For more information see our Industries page.

04. Funding options

We have a range of funding options for our projects to suit the needs of your business. We operate on fixed costs, and our customers appreciate knowing exactly what the project will cost them. In addition to regular payment options, we can look at spreading the costs over the project, or risk-sharing plans. 

05. Benefit realisation

Everything we do is about delivering benefits. We are pragmatic and deal in real numbers and real results. We provide exact details on what needs to be done and the process to follow to achieve the results you want. 

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