We have worked with a large range of power companies and contractors to power companies. These customers have included smaller operations with less than 100 field staff to large geographically diverse workforces of over 1000.
Within the power industry the vast majority of the work is planned, and most workforce management systems do not cope with planned work well. This results in large inefficiencies in the way work is scheduled and carried out. Special ways of working and techniques are required to optimise planned work. This is where our expertise lies. 
FieldForce4 have a proven record of success in increasing work throughput for power companies.
Case study

Our customer had a new regulatory requirement that resulted in a price cap on their service of multiple millions per year. They needed to save this money from their annual budget so they contacted FieldForce4. We were used specifically to deliver them savings as we have a proven track record of delivering benefits. 

From a field workforce of 250 people our work saved them $13M per annum and allowed them to meet the new regulatory requirements. This was all achieved without impacting their work schedule. 

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