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Managed field service cloud

FUSE is our cloud-based field workforce management system. FUSE has stemmed from our work with customers who have been unable to find a technology solution in the market that suits their business and also delivers the results they need. 

The key features of FUSE are:

  • Work scheduling: Work and resource scheduling (people and crews, plant and equipment)

  • Dispatch: Dispatch jobs to the field and mobile devices

  • Mobility: Provides mobility applications for your field workforce (using tablets and mobile phones)

  • Health and safety: Job safety assessment

  • Photo repository: Provides an asset photo repository

  • Dashboards: Real time dashboards and operational performance

Fuse Overview

The FieldForce4 FUSE service cloud offers a complete FSP solution, or customers can mix and match our products with their existing or preferred software solutions to fill the gaps in their application set. 

FieldForce4 has taken this approach because many of our customers have purchased a field services product and have found that some parts are difficult to use or deliver few benefits without additional software components. No off-the-shelf solution in the market fully supports planned and capital works. FUSE has been born from the needs of our customers for a multi-faceted solution that previously hasn't been available to them. 

FUSE infographic 2020 FINAL copy.png
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