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Shifts and Rosters

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Take charge of your day

Managing shifts and rosters for a large dynamic workforce is a huge task. Between covering specific delivery requirements, extended work hours, geographic spread and operational requirements there are lots of balls to keep in the air. FUSE Resource simplifies the process while managing all the varied requirements.

Simplify the complex

Smart Schedule

Take the hassle out of scheduling work with our smart schedule. This takes into account crew skills, work type, workplace compliance rules and health and safety. FUSE Resource allows you to easily assign work to the correct crew that ticks all the boxes.

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Manage your day

We call it the daily shuffle as staff call in sick, priorities change and staff are no longer available. FUSE Resource highlights the issues and provides a simple drag and drop shuffle process to resolve the resource plan.

Remove the headaches

Issues come up throughout the day, but with FUSE Resource your staff have time to manage in-day jeopardies. Even when the day doesn't go to plan, staff are able to quickly and easily make changes on the fly, informed by FUSE Resources' smart schedule. 


FUSE Pricing

With modular options based on your companies needs, experience all the benefits of an enterprise grade system without the price tag. 

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Lift productivity, put the customer first and embed best practice with our FUSE products 

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