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Dynamic Schedule and Dispatch

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Gain a clear, visible schedule of work

Maximise work delivery with real-time status updates, smart scheduling based on crew skills and needs, and travel optimisation. Automatically schedule and optimise your workflow to free up time for more important tasks. 

Make the most of your day

Manage your tasks

FUSE Schedule automatically schedules and optimises 80% of tasks, taking into account dependencies, crew skill and job readiness activities. Dispatchers maintain control with easy drag and drop functionality for adding or moving tasks, while our optimiser works overnight to get the best out of the schedule.

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Work in real time

Get up to the minute notifications for how the day is progressing. Real time updates capture job status as well as updates from the field. Communicate with your teams through alerts and notifications to make sure you are always in touch. 

Maximise time on tools

Productivity is lost in the time between tasks. Having a clear, visible schedule of work that fills the whole day based on realistic time estimates sets output expectations and improves productivity. Centrally manage the daily work plan for staff and cluster jobs geographically to reduce wasted travel time.

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FUSE Pricing

With modular options based on your companies needs, experience all the benefits of an enterprise grade system without the price tag. 

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Lift productivity, put the customer first and embed best practise with our FUSE products.

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